Hi, I’m Eric Johnson.

random questions itunesRandom Questions is a podcast dedicated to the love of conversation. Each episode, I’ll sit down with interesting people and interview them. The twist is that neither they nor I know what I’m going to ask.

All the questions will be pulled randomly, mid-interview, from an online database. It’s sort of like drawing names from a hat, but easier to manage because as the question list grows it means I don’t have to keep buying bigger hats. I’ll ask follow-up questions, too, but the hope is that Random Questions will take us to wild places we might never go otherwise.

And here’s the best part: Anyone can submit questions! You can go here to do that right now, or read this first to get a better idea of what makes a good Random Question.

Logo designed by Eric Johnson, using icons made by Freepik from flaticon.com. Show music is by red3yz and licensed under Creative Commons.

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